Frequently asked questions

We're a business. Can we use the product?

We are currently onboarding businesses ranging from 2 people to 100 employees onto Embra. Please schedule a call with us for a feature walkthrough and to learn more.

How do you handle user data?

We have designed Embra from the ground up to minimize your data footprint and keep data, as much as possible, local to your computer. When you highlight text or reference websites, that data is included in your message and sent to our secured servers. Our service is also powered by OpenAI and Anthropic APIs, which makes them a partners with regards to anonymized message data. Workspace data & files are entirely separated per business user and not co-mingled, and we do not train any custom AI models based on your data.

Do you sell any user data?

Absolutely not.

Is Embra free?

Embra is a paid product, but we currently have a free trial for users during our beta period. We are still building out the Embra automation suite, which will have variable costs, and want to make sure we've accounted for them before public pricing. For businesses, contracts are affordable and bespoke based on consultation.

Do you have AI consultants or coaches available?

For businesses, we are happy to work with you closely to ensure the proper integrations and automations can be successfully deployed within your organization. For long-term help, we also have references to multiple AI consultants if you would like additional assistance.

Can Embra solve all of my problems?

As magical as AI GPT language models are, they are not perfect. They make mistakes. As a beta product, we're sure you're also going to encounter some weird answers every now and then, but we're seeking to improve the product on a daily basis.

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