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A fast, ChatGPT-like assistant for your mac. Personalized to you — and your work.

Your personal, intelligent AI — always one second away! Embra can pull in contextual data from Chrome and other apps to speed up and unlock creativity across Q&A, brainstorming, writing, reading, and coding.

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Frequently asked questions

We're a business. Can we use the product?

We are very interested in onboarding whole businesses to Embra. Please reach out to us in Discord to gain priority access.

How do you handle user data?

We understand that as an OS and browser level application, we have to earn your trust. We have designed Embra from the ground up to minimize your data footprint and keep data, as much as possible, local to your computer. When you highlight text or reference specific websites, that data is included in your message and sent to our secured servers. Our service is also powered by the OpenAI GPT API, which makes them a partner with regards to anonymized message data.

Do you sell any user data?

Absolutely not. Never going to happen. We also do not believe in advertising-oriented business models.

Is Embra free?

Embra is a paid product, but is very temporarily free while we are in in limited closed beta. We are still figuring out our pricing.

Can Embra solve all of my problems?

As magical as AI GPT language models are, they are not perfect. They make mistakes. As a beta product, we're sure you're also going to encounter some weird answers every now and then, but we're seeking to improve the product on a daily basis.

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