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All types of professionals — leaders, sales people, consultants, engineers, and support staff — use Embra. Your whole team can now integrate with AI and each other.

Embra has been a game-changer for me and my team. It's like having a personal assistant that understands my work style, anticipates my needs, and provides solutions even before I realize I need them.
CEO at Italic
Embra is a fantastic tool that has simplified all my daily tasks. It's always on my desktop alongside my everyday apps, ready whenever needed. Plus, I deeply appreciate how the team constantly improves it based on feedback.
Andre Pennecooke
VP Design at Dave
Embra has proven to be an invaluable tool, delivering fast and informative responses that surpass other Mac AI tools. Its customizable language models, integrations, and seamless Chrome integration make it stand out.
Brian Cometa
Owner at $300 Data Recovery

How it works

An AI with powerful capabilities — helping teams be their best


Integrate your apps.

Embra works with you in your apps. Configure Chrome, Gmail, Zoom, and others.

Knowledge Engine

Connect your data — gain query superpowers.

Upload files, sync integration data, and pull Embra securely into your browser to enable intelligent queries and power automations.

Quick Commands

Augment & automate repetitive work.

Create commands for your AI quickly and distribute them to your teammates with a click.

Workflow Builder

Scale yourself with workflows.

Coming soon.

Personalized Automation

Take Command of your work

Embra commands are useful individually — and revolutionary when connected. Create your own commands and access the ever-growing public library.


Reply faster with high quality context. Personalize outbound.

Meeting automations

Turn transcripts into clean summaries, todos, and more.

Content creation

Generate high-quality writing. For marketing, support, or anything else.

Research & summarization

Gather information from the internet. Turn it into the format you need.


Unlock more engineering velocity. AI is seriously good at coding.

Embra for Teams

Full visibility & control over your team's AI usage

Let your team learn from each other, share useful workflow automations, and accelerate together.

Try out Embra for your team

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Manage your team

Invite your team and manage permissions. Onboard various functions & roles.

Collaborate in threads

All your AI chat in one place. Let your team learn from each other and review results.

Share automations

Distribute commands & workflows to teammates, powering them up with minimal effort.

How various roles use Embra


Win more deals with end-to-end, integrated sales intelligence & automations.

  • Automatic transcript to templatized notes
  • Extract key data from notes, email, and transcripts into your CRM
  • Outbound sequence creation based on interactions
  • Let your AI research your accounts and gather new data
  • Personal, instant sales coaching


Improve customer response times and handle more support volume without sacrificing quality.

  • Empathetic, personalized responses in seconds
  • Knowledge base lookups with citations for accuracy
  • Automated ticket classification
  • Propose follow-ups based on ticket analysis
  • Instant coaching for support agents


Streamline tedious knowledge work and reporting, so your managers can focus on their people.

  • Analyze & summarize emails for improved coordination
  • Quickly turn documents and emails into actionable tasks or tickets
  • Build 1-on-1 agendas based on context across all communications
  • Mitigate bias with an AI manager-coach who has no priors


Make faster, data-driven decisions with an AI advisor by your side.

  • Receive unbiased recommendations on strategy, operations, legal questions, and more
  • Quickly analyze company documents, data, and emails to identify key insights
  • Generate summaries of meetings, reports, and long form content
  • Automate status reports by pulling the most important information
  • Create alerts on urgent requests or issues needing your attention

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